What are

Deadzies are dead or dying daisies, ripped from the ground, struggling to break free from the fists of oppression.

Each hand drawn Deadzie is a 1/1 NFT hanging on for dear life, stored for all time on the ethereum blockchain, and will serve as a brand partnership access token, as well as a collectible art piece.

Should you decide to collect a Deadzie or two, you will be holding a trait layer property from an unreleased, upcoming Genesis Collection. The Genesis Collection characters will be cast in a series of silly and satirical short form animations with a storyline influenced by our holders.

Who knows, our animations might show up at a IRL theatre screening near you, or at a theatre in the metaverse.



The Deadzies collection is inspired by our current mutual human experience. With a horrific global pandemic hopefully in retreat, social and economic unrest unlike most have experienced in a lifetime and global powers on the precipice of World War III. Throughout history, societies that have endured collective trauma (wars, famine, pandemics, climate emergencies) tend to see a boom in creative endeavours such as art, theatre and self expression, perhaps in an attempt to make sense of the world around us. The Deadzies collection embodies the feeling that we are not out of the woods, so to speak, but rather undeniably lost within. Let’s hope for our sake, that the humans get their sh$t together, so that we can enjoy the extraordinary community we are dedicated to creating, bound together by our collective non-fungible token ownership.

Execution Plan


The Kick

We will kick off the Deadzies collection with an OG allow list that will bring into the fold all of the extraordinary humans that stood with us from day one. From our 916 piece collection, 250 will be kept aside for a public offering.

IRL Events

Cardboard Richard loves to throw shakers. We will hold IRL events for hodlers that will be dripping with swagger and deadly brand partner goodies.


As our journey unfolds and brands join our roster, we will sprinkle deadly news about upcoming collections through our social channels.

We Are The Dreamers

We believe nobody knows what the actual f$@k will unfold in the crypto/art space in the future. Which is why we aren’t going to promise a bunch of bullsh$t that will likely nevercome to fruition. Our art, brand partner marketplace and storytelling will withstand the test of time and we believe will bring more ‘normies’ into the NFT space, over time. We are a small group of relentlessly passionate creators who value execution above all else. We are painfully early in the NFT meta, and as a result will adjust and blaze a trail for our community unlike any other project before us.

Let’s dream together mothaf$cas!
It’s gonna be Deadly.


Our 916 collection release will have 666 dedicated to OG’s, with 250 released to the public. Keep your eyes peeled for riddles and bread crumbs that will offer allow list spots. We will keep 66 aside for team allocation.

Each Deadzie community member will have token gated access to our very own marketplace featuring our brand collaborations and original Deadzie merchandise as well as physical art.
You will also be able to ‘Dopify’ your favourite NFT’s through our website. We have a few other deadly ideas in store that will inspire long term hodlership.

Pump the brakes, moon boy. We are aiming to drop our collection when the leaves dry up and float to the ground aka Fall. Mint will take place from our website. If the current economics shit show gains steam, we may even mint in the dead of winter.

We will have one Twitter handle with news and info, and each of the founders will drip, drop hints, alpha and random decentralised thoughts through their respective Twitter handles. One of the founders also has a tiktok account which we will likely employ to deliver news. Our Instagram will likely be relegated to capturing our art, event experiences and brand collaboration content only. Nothing against Discord, but it’s become a bit of a cart and pony show.

We might cave and put together a discord for hodlers to gather, but don’t count on it.

We Are The

Dopamine Dreamers

A group of degens brought together by a shared desire to chase down the bump, the kick, the dopamine pump. We are inspired by
the absurd, ridiculous and wonderful.

Our community is hell bent on bridging the byzantine NFT world with IRL brands that share our inspiration.



Alex, Fun Machine

Original Alpha 1

Alex has a knack for infusing humour, rich detail and unforgettable personality into his decades of experience as an illustrator, animator and graphic designer. Hailing from the Pacific West Coast, Alex draws inspiration from daily idiosyncrasies that define the human experience — an ideal visual shepherd for the web3 adventure ahead.


Cardboard Richard

Project Archon

Richard innovates while others sleep. A serial entrepreneur with decades of leadership experience in the traditional banking world, you can find Richard aka Cardboard Richard, breaking and collecting rare hockey cards, fulfilling boutique dog supply orders and strategically plotting out his next degen play.


Tyler, The NFT Dad

Original Alpha 2

A loquacious anthropoid catalyst, Tyler, finds joy in bringing extraordinary humans together.With years of experience as a leader in the small business and education industry, Tyler can be found writing copy, creating content and smashing the 'buy now' button on OpenSea.